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Sometimes there is more than meets the eye. In my case, there is actually less.

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himchan-ne posted on your wall: /pinches your butt and runs away;

/startles and turns around, watching you run away/ What the—

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monster-deathslittlegirllizu posted on your wall: Lizu: yep, before bro met demon Guk and his heart started he had a crush on you, that's part of the awkwardness actually *wasnt kidding about the tea and baked goods* you take English breakfast tea? I'm out of chai right now

/blinks multiple times/ But…why? I don’t get it. /shakes his head/ Oh, and English breakfast tea is just fine, yeah.

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yongguk-nightwalker posted on your wall: Url thing

Guk: “So like, we met in a record store and I really thought I was hallucinating at first, but then I wasn’t and he’s real and I was mindblown,” Yongguk says and mimics an explosion with his hands at the last word. “After that, we never really talked all that much even though I sort of want to, but I’m scared he’ll get angry and maybe eat me.” He chuckles softly. “Well, maybe not literally…right?” His eyes widen a little when he remembers the male could…sort of.

Mun: Senpai, notice me! No, but really. Your Yongguk is the awesomest ever and mine just disappears into nothing next to yours. (my humble opinion tbh) You have no idea how often I stare at your aim and think ‘I wanna talk to them, but I don’t want to bother them’. Like every day. (Is that creepy?) It would be so cool if our Guks interacted more, but I’m a scared little girl…that and you’re a really busy person. I don’t want to disturb you. Either way, you’re Guk is great and I wish you were free more sometimes so I can stalk your convos more and you as a mun are so nice <3

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glvxier posted on your wall: glvxier

Guk: “I—have we met?” he asks, tilting his head.

Mun: I followed you because I really liked the background of your muse. It didn’t even matter to me you also had a Himchan faceclaim and I already knew 3 of them. You just seemed interesting, but as time passed, I never really saw you do much on the dash and I’m not sure why that is? All I see are pics (most of them being a bit depressing and my mood is so easily influenced by such things so I unfollowed you I’m sorry ><) and yeah— I really want to see more interactions cause I think they could be great. From the few things I have seen, you seem like a great writer too so get out there! Plot and write! (pls don’t hate me /crawls away/)

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bangyxngguk posted on your wall: bangyxngguk yes yes


Ryan: heh, one of the few Yongguks that actually responded positively to me during my somewhat obsessive to Yongguk phase…though our interaction is a bit awkward right now. But I do want to talk with you more. Even if you aren’t the one that started my heart, I still really like you…and I admit I did have a crush on you before I met my demon*blushing a bit*
Lizu: we need to talk more, we really do. I will set a whole thing with tea and baked goods I’m applying to my unnie’s bakery I can bake. This Guk is really shy but we can try and fix that, confidence boost.
Mun: I really like this Guk. He’s a sweetheart that I wish our first real interaction wasn’t a drunk make out. They would probably be great friends once that awkwardness gets passed. Even if it’s not a romantic love Ryan adores this Guk and considers him a good friend

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himchan-ne posted on your wall: Himchan-ne~

Guk: “Himchan is one of my first friends after I really started getting out there again. He’s a nice guy who really got too much shi— stuff going bad for him in the past. It’s not something he deserves since he really is a fun person and I want to see him smile and laugh more and just do well for himself.” Yongguk gives a short but firm nod. “I should do my best to cheer him up when he’s down, like do silly stuff. I’m not that good, but I’ll try!”

Mun: I’ll be honest and say that if you hadn’t aproached me first, I would have never talked to you. It’s nothing really to do with how you portray your Himchan, but it’s because I can’t remember you being here on tumblr that often, especially lately. I find it a shame, because I have come to like your Himchan and how you stay true to who he is. You’re a good rper and I do like our characters interacting. It should probably happen more, but yeah aim ><

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yongjxnhyung posted on your wall: my url

Guk: “Ah, Junhyung. I probably talk to him the most aside from Jiho and Jiwon. Mostly because he approaches me.” He chuckles softly. “I like hanging out with him and I’m really looking forward to the time we go carting. I should just actually try and start talking to him, because I don’t want him to stop trying or feel like he’s bothering me. So yeah, I’ll do that and have I told you I actually quite like Beast? So knowing one of the members is awesome!” Yongguk laughs.

Mun: I do not follow general muses easily, nor interact with them because sometimes it becomes awkward when they treat my own as the real Yongguk (even though i do try to make him be like the actual Guk a bit), so being one of the very few I can tell you it means I very much like your muse. Sometimes you still confuse me when we talk on aim, but I’ve gotten to the point where I got past most of it since aim is honestly mostly just random stuff. I like your Jun. It seems true to the real one (for as far as I know) and you keep him on point. As for the mun, I can say I’m sometimes jealous of her >.> Lucky her…free concerts. /coughs/

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rxchelkim posted on your wall: rxchelkim

Guk: “Jiwon is one of my bestest friends since forever,” he grins. “She was one of my few high school friends and we were so close, most people thought we were dating.” He snorts and rolls his eyes. “They were ridiculous. Anyways, she’s really sweet and I love hanging out with her. I tell her everything and I’m pretty sure she knows me better than myself.”

Mun: We’re pretty close as muns. We met on previous accounts and have been talking for a long, long time. We talk more ooc than ic, but that’s okay cause she pretty much knows Guk and thus Jiwon knows all of it too (unless we plotted otherwise—). As for the rest, I’ve always liked her characters since they always resemble the actual celebrity or the person she claims them to be. Interaction advised, I’d say!

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monster-deathslittlegirllizu posted on your wall: *points at my url*

Guk: “Ryan is really cool,” Yongguk nods. “I think I should approach him more, but I’m sort of scared sometimes. Also embarrassed.” The male ducks his head and rubs at the back of his neck. “I should probably go and talk to him more and get to know him better. Maybe get closer to his sister, Lizu too. She seems very nice.” Yongguk looks up again, smiling softly. “I just got to get the courage,” he laughs.

Mun: You’re one of the very few multi-muse blogs I follow because most of the times they just confuse me. (Who am I talking with? Who should I pick? You know…) So what I really like about you is that you make the people interact with both and that the siblings also comment on each other while they’re interacting. It’s something I have only seen once before and I like it like this. The only reason I feel held back to really interact with you is because Ryan is sort of dating another Yongguk (are they dating?) and I feel awkward with that. But I think Ryan and Lizu are great characters and it’s always fun to see them interact with others. (Especially Ryan and that other Yongguk…Ryan’s responses are too adorable.)

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