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Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to your muse as a poem from mine.

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I think meeting you was very interesting and it will become even more interesting in the future. The first time I saw you I thought it was not possible to meet someone like you. My mind was completely boggled, but you were still there you know? I’m not sure how you think of me and if you even care about me, but I sort of hope somewhere deep inside you do.

Either way, it’d be fun to get to know you better I think. I believe you could have some really cool stories to tell.µ

PS: don’t you think we could fool people and make fun of them? I’d find that funny, but maybe that’s just me.

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You are the best friend I could have ever met. We have a lot of things in common already and I remember we agreed on keychains after what? 2 days? I’m pretty sure we declared ourselves soulmates the day after too. It’s crazy, but that’s what we are together. That’s what I like about you.

And what is even cooler is that the more time passes, the more I realize just how good of a word soulmate is for you. I want it to stay that way, you know? I really want you to stay as my best friend and I want to keep finding out things about you that makes me think ‘this is why we’re best friends’. And I actually think that is possible with you.

Thank you for sticking around.

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Old Flame | Geun & Guk

He hadn’t thought of the man in years, hadn’t seen him in years either. So when he was walking through the streets of Hongdae, the surprise was big when he noticed the familiar voice coming from a street artist. Yongguk followed the sounds towards a large circle of people which he pushed through to the front.

The face he used to know so well struck him and for a few moments he remembered those times 6 years ago when they spent time together. He had cherished those moments probably more than the moments he had spent with any of his girlfriends. It was because of Donggeun that Yongguk had realized he wasn’t straight after all. The man still looked as handsome as ever too.

Donggeun finished his last song and bowed to the crowd which was now dispersing again. Yongguk remained in his spot, thinking and re-thinking whether he should go up and talk to him. The other might not even recognize him anymore; it had been 6 years. But it seemed he had waited too long and Donggeun had already noticed him.

It was now or never. Yongguk stepped forward, his hands in his pockets and a polite smile on his face. “Donggeun?” he asked, still not completely sure it was his old friend. “Is that you?”

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Where is my soulmate when you need him?

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How I became the one you trust will forever remain a mystery to me, but it’s something that makes me glad nonetheless. you’re one of the first people I befriended after my years of…solitude I suppose. You’re a kind man, but I’m pretty sure I should never mess with you. I just hope that I can keep your trust and that I can be a goo friend for you in the future.

Oh and don’t give up on humanity. I’m not the only good human out there~ You’ll see.

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I hardly have words to describe you. Our first meeting was interesting to say the least and I’m not very sure if I’ll like having you in my life or not. At the moment I find you interesting, very interesting. I also find your relationship with the person that sort of made our meeting happen very interesting. The only thing I hope is that it doesn’t become the end of me— Since you’re pretty deadly and all.

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Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.

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Send me (♥♥,) and i'll generate a number to see what you get 
4. A goodbye letter

                                                                                               30 July 2014

Dear Yongguk,

    I hope you are reading this when I have left without tainting your name, left in silence and in the dead of night as you woke up to my henchman giving you this letter. The hunters found me, the high ranked ones, and by now I will be hidden away in the forests of Russia. 

    My apartment will be under watch, so will be my office, but my safe room in the bank is still in use and probably not found which is why this letter is written to you - whatever is inside there belongs to you. The password for the place is ‘A beautiful rose’ and all that I have stored there is yours to keep, but I ask of you to not sell it as some of those belongings are filled with memories.

    This is all I can leave you and a goodbye coming from my unbetaing heart - you showed me that not all humans are there to be killed - some are grand people to be with for a good time.. 

        With all respect I have for you,


    P.S. Don’t come looking for me. Also Rufus is signed onto your name and at the care of the cook of the Russian Tearoom. If m life is safe again I will come and find you, until then I hope the salary I paid you for the next 3 years is enough.

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itscharlee posted on your wall: My lovely sun and star

My gorgeous moon.

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